Haida Tourism Operational Review & Recommendations

Legacy Tourism Group, working in partnership with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), completed a confidential tourism evaluation project for the Haida Enterprises Corporation (HaiCo) Board in February 2019.

Project Update

Project Updates

Haida House & Ocean House Feasibility Report.

After completion of the operational review and recommendations, HaiCo engaged Legacy Tourism Group to develop feasibility reports for improving two of their existing tourism assets. This was presented to the HaiCo Board in September, 2019.

In October, 2019 Haida Tourism engaged the Legacy Team to provide assistance in growing the success of their tourism operations by providing mentoring and management assistance and support for the Haida Tourism Team.


Capital Expansion Projects.

Haida Tourism engaged the Legacy Team to project manage two capital expansion projects – the development of 12 Haida themed beachfront cabins and conversion of a floating fishing resort into a land-based lodge.



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