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Rod Taylor and Jim DeHart have just returned from 12 days in Bhutan working on the proposed resort facility for Royal Manas National Park. After arriving in Bhutan they traveled 18 hours over challenging roads to reach the park area.

Legacy Tourism Group (LTG) and The Kings Challenge (TKC) are working together to develop a project that contributes significantly to the ability for Bhutan to manage the park as well as contributing resources and support to local communities. Together with Michael Barth (TKC), Rod and Jim traveled and met on-site with Chencho Norbu, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and his senior staff to review the resort location, size, and potential build-out as well as synergies with the Park & Royal Compounds service areas.

We expect approval of the Partnership Agreement with the Ministry within the next few weeks and hope to move forward with detailed design and engineering before the end of the dry season in preparation for construction commencement at the start of the dry season in 2015. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

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