Meet John

As well as being founder of Legacy Tourism Group, John is the founder and former managing director of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (CWR), a luxury all-inclusive wilderness resort located on the west coast of Vancouver Island within a United Nations World Biosphere Reserve.

John is also founder and director of Waste to Energy Canada, founder of the British Columbia Sustainable Tourism Collective, founder of the Magnificent 7 luxury wilderness lodges of Canada, and a past Director of the BC Wilderness Tourism Association.

John’s early business experience started with a mentorship with his father in a family owned real estate development company focused on building residential and commercial properties. His experience started from the bottom up – from carpentry and heavy equipment operations through to licensed real estate broker, president and CEO.

In 1982 John changed direction and founded Risque Disque Records Inc. an independent record company as well as Artist Consulting Company Inc. to manage artists. Both companies had international distribution by Warner Music Worldwide. John also owned and operated a horse breeding and training facility, raising Arabian and American Paint horses.

John and his wife Adele live full time in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. They spend their leisure time riding horses, river kayaking, fishing and playing with their dogs.