Meet Jim

Jim is the Chief Operating Officer of the Legacy Tourism Group. Jim brings a direct operations focus to the LTG team, with specific experience in working in challenging remote locations as well as working on treaty, land and resource management and tenure issues for Indigenous entities, adventure tourism companies and others.

Jim was the founder of Destiny River Adventures Ltd., a successful river adventure tourism company that developed the raft and snorkel with the salmon experience on the Campbell River. He has been a river rafting guide since 1984 and is a BC Raft Guide Examiner.

Prior to working in the private sector, Jim worked for the BC Government for 17 years. He was a Program Officer for the coastal watershed restoration program, the provincial Boating/Rafting Regulations Officer, and a Parks Officer managing all operational components of park operations, mainly in the large wilderness parks in the BC north and northwest. Jim managed and developed the protocols for assessing commercial river rafting rivers and setting guide and equipment standards and requirements for industry. He was directly involved in British Columbia Provincial Park management, including the oversight of over 3.5 million ha of wilderness parks in the northwest third of British Columbia.

Jim volunteered for 4 years as the President and 10 years as director of the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC, 15 years as the Executive Director of the BC River Outfitters Association, is the past chairperson of Tourism North Central Island, past executive director of the International Rescue Instructors Authority, and served on a variety of tourism industry committees working on policy changes with government including the BC Adventure Tourism Coalition.

Jim graduated from BCIT in the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program in 1985, received an Award of Merit from the Minister of the Environment in 1994, completed the Parks Officers Management and Administration program in 1995 and the University of Victoria Restoration of Natural Systems program in 2007.