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March, 2020

The LTG & RC Strategies/PERC teams will be combining their efforts on this planning project for Wells Gray Park on behalf of BC Parks. The team will use a creative and innovative approach to develop a progressive and comprehensive Wells Gray Park Recreation Strategy 2020-2030. The Strategy is intended to provide BC Parks with a clear long-term direction in Wells Gray Park with regards to the provision of clear priorities to guide BC Parks staff in the deployment of limited resources, facility development, facility re-development, removal and expansion, and the delivery of outdoor recreation services.

The Strategy will be tailored to Wells Gray Park and devoid of generic and non-essential material that does not serve to provide immediately relevant information. The Strategy is not intended as a rewrite or a replacement of the Wells Gray Park Master Plan. Rather, it is envisioned as a supplement that builds upon the foundation of the vision, intention and direction of the Master Plan and projects forward to consider current and forecasted outdoor recreation trends and needs.


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